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Seniors At Your Service

We are a group of seniors and retired neighbors of yours that want to stay active. We have two types of memberships: Associates and Clients.

  • Associate: Our Associates are a very diverse group of individuals. We have come to North Florida and South Georgia from a wide range of places — the boss, for instance, South Africa via England, Idaho and Hawaii!. Associates bring their experience, talents and skill set to Seniors At Your Service to provide help to our neighbors here in North Florida and South Georgia. They are looking for a little extra income but, sometimes, just to stay active and involved. As an Associate you can choose the kind of work you enjoy and how much time you want to invest – part-time, full-time, temporary or seasonal. Once you join and are accepted, you will be emailed when there is an opportunity that matches your interests. If this sounds good to you, come join us... Click to Start Your S.A.Y.S. Associate Adventure!
  • Client: Our Clients are just as diverse – and some, even, native Floridians! We all have a story, don't we? Our Clients are looking for some help and what Seniors At Your Service does is match up Associates (with clean background checks) with our Clients. Associates that may, in fact, be a neighbor just around the corner. As a Client, your create your work order that, once approved, becomes an opportunity. Your location, other than the city you live in, is fairly vague. Your will not be "blind sided" by someone who has checked our Opportunities page on the website. You will be offered Associates that have shown an interest in your "opportunity" with why they are interested and what experience they have in what you need. You can request an interview or, even, additional information. You choose the Associate that fits your needs, then we make the connection happen. As you might suspect, there is a fee to you for the services of Seniors At Your Service, that said, we are a resonable source for hard working, focused help with the maturity that makes your investment make sence! If we have your attention and interest, come join us... Click to Start Your S.A.Y.S. Client Adventure!