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Hire an Associate at Seniors At Your Service


You join S.A.Y.S. when you would need some help, short-term or long-term. It is quick and easy.

Something to be aware of: when registering you will be creating an account at Your email account will be your "username" and the password is what you choose while registering.

One of our major goals is to protect and keep safe both our clients and associates of S.A.Y.S, so you will be expected to provide references. You will not be able to contract with an Associate until your references are provided and checked. You can provide the references after your access to my.seniorsatyourservice is provided (3-4 business days after your submit your registration).

Important, before we begin...

To continue, Seniors At Your Service needs affirmative answer to the question.
The default is set to No, change as appropriate.

Do you understand that your will have to provide three valid references to participate in our programs? Yes No

If selected to become an Client, are you willing to submit to a background check? Yes N